Team Description Paper 2016

  1. A real-time optimal controller for the NAO robot locomotion system; Author: David Hug; Fall 2016
  2. Ground-truth Robotic Tracking and Feedback System for RoboCup; Author: Noyan Evirgen; Fall 2016
  3. Targeted and Coordinated Passing for a Bipedal Robot; Author: Martin Kälin; Fall 2016
  4. Ball Detection with Random Forest Classifier; Author: Florian Amstutz; Fall 2016
  5. Revision of the NAO Robot Self-Localization; Author: Michael Walter; Fall 2016
  6. Decision Making, Opponent Localization and Communication without Wifi; Author: Yupeng Zhao; Spring 2016
  7. Dynamic Analysis and Control of a Robotic Bipedal Locomotion System; Author: Silvan Plüss; Spring 2016
  8. Ground Truth Localization In RoboCup Framework; Author: Adam Radomski; Spring 2016
  9. Localization Assessment and Improvement; Author: Quentin Censier; Spring 2016
  10. Self-localization on NAO robots based on external features: Implementation; Author: Maximilian Wulf; Spring 2016
  11. Self-localization on NAO robots based on external features: Offline-model generation (SfM) and Online feature matching; Author: Simon Maurer; Spring 2016
  12. Self-localization on NAO robots based on external features: PnP pose estimation; Author: Simon Flückiger; Spring 2016
  13. Trajectory Optimization; Author: Rafael Gomez-Jordana; Spring 2016


  1. Ball Dribbling; Author: Raphael Stadler; Fall 2015
  2. Bringing State of the Art SLAM to the NAO Robot and Developing a System For Tracking Field Objects; Author: Isaac Deutsch; Spring 2015
  3. Drop-in Player; Author: Malvin Leuenberger, Lukas Affolter; Spring 2015
  4. Dynamic Diamond Positioning; Authors: Cedric Mauquoi, Yinghao Xu; Spring 2015
  5. Improvement of the Kalman Filter for Ball Localization; Author: Basile Verhulst; Spring 2015
  6. Improving Walking; Author: Orhan Sylejmani; Spring 2015
  7. New Goal Keeper Moves and More Robust Goal Shot Saving; Author: Fisnik Kura; Spring 2015
  8. Optimization of the Color Calibration for RoboCup; Author: Shiying Li; Spring 2015
  9. Technical Challenges; Authors: Yi Hao Ng, Philippe Schwendener; Spring 2015
  10. White Goal Detection in the RoboCup Project; Author: Sasha Pagani; Spring 2015


  1. A Framework for Passing; Author: Filippo Martinoni; Fall 2014
  2. Dynamic Role Assignment within the B-Human Framework; Author: Kelly Steich; Fall 2014
  3. Generating Kicking Motions for the NAO; Author: Dany Manickathu; Fall 2014
  4. Basic Behavior Improvement of Robocup Standard Platform League Robots; Author: Huub Heijnen; Spring 2014
  5. Behavior Programming of the Goal Keeper Using CABSL; Author: Nicolas Andrey Sterner; Spring 2014
  6. Coordination of Defense and Offense; Author: Marc Naumann; Spring 2014
  7. Implementation and Management of Robot Communication, Behavioral Programming of Defenders and Dynamic Path Planning Using Potential Field Method; Author: Gautham Manoharan; Spring 2014
  8. Active Maximum A Posteriori Inference for Conditional Random Fields Applied to Self-localization; Author: Solene Richard; Spring 2014


  1. Behavior of Supporter and Its Interaction with Striker; Authors: Steffen Schmidt, Simon Kammerer, Mike Jiang; Fall 2013
  2. Behavior Programming and Coordination of Defenders Using SMBE; Authors: Gabriel Hochstrasser, Marc Naumann, Severin Mutter, Gerald Zhang; Fall 2013
  3. Behavior Programming of a Striker Using SMBE; Authors: Kevin Jeisy, Marc Beusch; Spring 2013
  4. Conditional Random Fields for Joint Ball and Opponent Detection and Self-localization; Author: Hans Hardmeier; Spring 2013
  5. POMDP for Active Perception in the RoboCup; Author: Stefan Stevsic; Spring 2013
  6. Robocup Perception with Superpixels and Binary Descriptors; Author: Beat Kueng; Spring 2013

These projects were conducted before we used the b-human framework.

  1. Self-Localisation based on Conditional Random Field; Author: Martin Utz; Fall 2012
  2. Cooperative Estimation and Prediction of Player and Ball Movement; Authors: Fabio Marti, Matthias Roggo, David Lehnen, Daniel Gilgen; Spring 2012
  3. Measurement Association and Multiple Target Tracking; Author: Mathias Bürki; Spring 2012
  4. Modeling, Dynamics and Kinematics Control of a Humanoid Robot; Authors: Ari Artinian, Silvan Levanti; Spring 2012
  5. Multiple Sensor Measurement fusion; Authors: Clemens Fischer, Stefano La Rosa; Spring 2012
  6. Parametrized Open-loop Kicking; Authors: Ivo de Concini, Konrad Schieban; Spring 2012
  7. Stabilizing Aldebaran’s NAO H25 in a Single Support Phase in Different Tasks; Author: Christoph Müri; Spring 2012